Friday, 9 October 2009

lazy blogger!

Apologies for no postings as of late. i have all the pictures but not the time to do it!
Design week was good, with a surprisingly good 100% design show. Frieze art fair to come and as usual lots of food pictures.
in haste

Monday, 17 August 2009

This is the US Food and Wine Article
The writer Jen Murphy has work very hard for over 18 months to enable this and I want to publicly thank her for her persistence and hard work.
We met in Ireland and she was very perceptive and clear of what we are about and what she wanted out of the article.
Enjoy reading it.

The Cake Committee Inaugural Event

It was a real dream come true moment for me yesterday.
A brief history. I was SO fed up with ceramics one day that I decided to buy a van with natasha Daintry and drive it round London selling cakes (might still happen!), and Brian my partner stepped in to say why don't you form a cake committee and get together friends to bake and sell cakes for charity.
The Cake Committee was formed with Natasha Daintry, Dave Clarke, Jinny Ngui and I as the founding members, and then others joined later. With Brian Kennedy as the Chair.
As you can see the cakes are wonderful and the opening bar was set VERY high.
The invited friends all gathered and had a wonderful time eating too much of course and throughly enjoying themselves in the mean time.
What really moved me was:-
the effort that every one put in re the baking
and the tremendous response from those who attended
A BIG thank you for those who baked and came to eat, and for those of you who missed it
the next one is on the 18th October, and the Christmas one is on the 13th December.
All at Pullens Yard, Elephant and Castle
and we have been written up in
already and very favorably too.
Will keep you all posted as we approach the next one
DO look at
to keep up to date.

Monday, 20 July 2009

The Cake Committee

Together with 13 other KEEN bakers, I started The Cake Committee and would dearly love people to join the face-book page ( I know! sad old git), well the most active member is Jinny and she is young and hip, she set up the FB page.
it is for us bakers and feeders to get our 'fix' and also collect money for good causes
1st meeting is
16th Aug, 09 2nd is 18th Oct, 09 and CHRISTMAS is 13th Dec, 09
all the the Pullens Community centre at Iliffe yard, Crampton St. London SE17 3BT

The coolest bar in London

Allow me to name drop re Franks Campari Bar
This is one of the coolest venue I have been to for a long time.
It is in Peckham, on the multiplex multi story car-park.
The brain child of Hannah Barry, with the structure designed by Paloma Gormley (daughter of sculptor Antony), food supplied by Frank, who is the grandson of the food writer Arabella Boxer.
You can be cynical and think it is all connections and no substance, well that will be VERY wrong! Great coffee, tea, and food. all at great prices and the view on the top of the structure is just divine, so is the art.
I LOVE the route to the bar, you have to have faith to believe that the this smelly dark lift will work, let alone it will get you somewhere.
Have faith and trust and you will be rewarded.
Do go as it is a pop up ending on the 30th September, 09

Saturday, 23 May 2009


A serious gallery like Bernard Jacobson in Cork street is showing ceramics, you know that the medium has arrived.
The show is ok, "artisits" showing clay work, over all it is SO worth seeing .

Thursday, 21 May 2009


You cut this open and eat the inside (orange) raw, really delicious, but BOY is it "hard core" looking

more food

Temple food then followed by the most amazing cake shop.
Have to say the chocolate cake looked wonderful
BUT not as tasty as it looks
So good looks get you halfway there, but it's substance that counts

Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Korean Street food

I am not sure how sensible it is for business, BUT this street in Namdamun Market in Seoul ALL sell the same type of noodles.
These noodles are all hand made, they keep the dough in a plastic bag, then roll out enough for a portion and cut the noodles up in front of you, then cook it straight away. SOOOOO FRESH.
Beautiful stock soup, served kimchi of course, spicy but not BURNING, hot. We somehow got very fond of the chili, chili paste in Korea as it's spicy, hot but doesn't burn. also VERY tasty as well.
Brian and I (well really Brian as a European) really made the ladies day, and they ours.

Rem Koohaas at Seoul National University

All universities dream of having enough money and space to get an international renowned architect to build a museum in the grounds!
Well Seoul NAtional University has done just that.
A Rem Koolhaas building, clad in triple poly-carbonate, and totally airy and light in side.
Really beautiful, but how practical it is for showing art I am not sure.
P x

Prada Transformer

We were SO lucky to have seen this.
designed by OMA, The Office for Metropolitan Architecture, it is a HUGE structure that will transform from gallery exhibition space to lecture theatre to  cinema and to art space.
It is set in the grounds of a 16th Century Palace and the juxtaposition is simply wonderful.
So are the very novel use of shipping containers as corridors, office and reception spaces really created a special piece of work that is both WOW and recycles.
The cute guards (all in Prada of course) let us in to have a peep as we had a flight in 3 hours time to go back to HK, a very lovely show of Prada skirts, some mounted on "spinning hips".

Constellation Manhattan

Well after all this is a design blog!
This is my collection which was shown at Asprey NY and Asprey London in 2008.
A unique one off 8 place setting dinner service made at Royal Crown Derby.
The interest in this service has lead to a new production dinner service commissioned by Royal Crown Derby which I am working on just now.
The aim is to launch it at Gumps in Sept 2009.
Will let you all know when the service is in production

Ying Yang Chicken

Hello every one,
Life has been lived in the fast lane as of late, hence lacking in posting.
Brian and I went to Hong Kong and Korea, visiting parents in HK and attending CEBIKO (Ceramics Bienalle Korea), where I had a piece of work on show.
This chicken is simply the most sensational thing I have eaten for a long time, and it is the signature dish of Ying Yang, a Private dining room.
The location is in Ship St. HK. in a lovely old turn of the century 3 story building where the first floor is the kitchen and dining rooms are on the ground and top floors. Sensible eh?
The chicken is roasted in a clay oven to perfection, then carved where the crispy skin can be enjoyed on it's own, SOOO yummy. the dipping sauce is a ginger called "sand ginger" it is grown at Ying Yang's own organic farm, simply crushed and steeped in olive oil
The taste is gingery, nutty, fragrant and crunchy, the perfect accompaniment to the chicken.
Do try it if you find yourself in HK, it is expensive though, and the rest of the menu, soup, stir fried green and dessert is good but not fantastic.
We did have a side order of "black gold", which is truffled eggs, Perfectly cooked with truffles from Yunnan, still not as sensational as the chicken.
Will update soon,
P x

Tuesday, 24 March 2009

The top cake is a quickie for our friend Lu Zhou's birthday, it looks so good because it's carefully decorated by Brian!
The other picture is of a red velvet cake, made specially for our God-daughter Kokoro. Tim and Asako's little girl. Tim d'Offay is a great tea-smith, and he runs the brilliant postcard tea, DO look at his site

Long gap, but here is a lovely picture of Anne and I

Apologies for this long delay.
Been working on various projects. Just got back from S-O-T today after a flying visit. 
Surprised Anne over lunch time, so had to do the phone picture thing!
Post soon!

Wednesday, 25 February 2009

These madelines are made to celebrate the launch and going live of our new website.
'our' refers to my partner Brian and I, and the website is 
why that name, well have a look and you will understand, and a huge thanks to our dear friend Erica van Horn for her delightful suggestion.

Friday, 20 February 2009

Having not baked for many years, I choose an unusual sounding cake to start off with. Chocolate and beetroot;separately they are on my  favorite food list. Together I thought wow, why didn't I think if it first!
it was for a afternoon tea gathering of friends and the cake went down well. I misread the quantities re chocolate required, and bought nearly 1 Kg of 72% Green and Black, where as upon closer inspection, I needed only 450 grams. Well you can all imagine where the rest of it went to in the week coming!
The next posting will be a simple Victoria sponge, which I love making, as it has a simplicity all of it's own, like great food through out the world.
Till next time,
P x

Sunday, 15 February 2009


For the past few months, I have this urge to bake.
Blame the cold weather in London (we had snow last week), the credit crunch, or simple greed, I am on my 2nd cake of the year. the 1st one was a chocolate and beetroot cake, deliciously moist, dark and chocolaty.
Whilst today's is a simple Victoria sponge with fresh raspberry,  simple recipe.
Just returned from Frankfurt Messe where the Ambienete fair is held. Most certainly felt the cooling in economic climate, fewer people, in the high end stalls, and very busy in the mid to lower price end. 
will post some links to companies that I liked.
P x
p.s. problem with home baking is that you not only lick the bowl and spactula, you eat that little slice extra as well, off to to do just that.

Thursday, 12 February 2009


I'm Peter Ting, and I have decided to drag myself into the modern world and create a blog to share some of the things that I love with the rest of the world.
A little about myself:-
I design products for a living, mainly ceramics and glass, and LOVE to cook, eat and talk about food and design
I live and work in London, UK.
I am 49 years old, live with my long term partner Brian who is an artist and curator.
Included in this modernisation project of 'Peter Ting', a web site is being created, well not just one, but 2!
the 1st one is called briing, do visiting it when it's up and running in a few weeks time.
The other site will simply be, where you can see and buy my work on line; now the setting up of that one might take a bit longer than a few weeks!
An information 1st posting, and hope the subsequent ones will give you a flavor of London, my thoughts and life of a near 50year old Luddite who is trying to catch up!
Bye for now 
P x