Thursday, 12 February 2009


I'm Peter Ting, and I have decided to drag myself into the modern world and create a blog to share some of the things that I love with the rest of the world.
A little about myself:-
I design products for a living, mainly ceramics and glass, and LOVE to cook, eat and talk about food and design
I live and work in London, UK.
I am 49 years old, live with my long term partner Brian who is an artist and curator.
Included in this modernisation project of 'Peter Ting', a web site is being created, well not just one, but 2!
the 1st one is called briing, do visiting it when it's up and running in a few weeks time.
The other site will simply be, where you can see and buy my work on line; now the setting up of that one might take a bit longer than a few weeks!
An information 1st posting, and hope the subsequent ones will give you a flavor of London, my thoughts and life of a near 50year old Luddite who is trying to catch up!
Bye for now 
P x

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