Monday, 20 July 2009

The coolest bar in London

Allow me to name drop re Franks Campari Bar
This is one of the coolest venue I have been to for a long time.
It is in Peckham, on the multiplex multi story car-park.
The brain child of Hannah Barry, with the structure designed by Paloma Gormley (daughter of sculptor Antony), food supplied by Frank, who is the grandson of the food writer Arabella Boxer.
You can be cynical and think it is all connections and no substance, well that will be VERY wrong! Great coffee, tea, and food. all at great prices and the view on the top of the structure is just divine, so is the art.
I LOVE the route to the bar, you have to have faith to believe that the this smelly dark lift will work, let alone it will get you somewhere.
Have faith and trust and you will be rewarded.
Do go as it is a pop up ending on the 30th September, 09

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