Friday, 20 February 2009

Having not baked for many years, I choose an unusual sounding cake to start off with. Chocolate and beetroot;separately they are on my  favorite food list. Together I thought wow, why didn't I think if it first!
it was for a afternoon tea gathering of friends and the cake went down well. I misread the quantities re chocolate required, and bought nearly 1 Kg of 72% Green and Black, where as upon closer inspection, I needed only 450 grams. Well you can all imagine where the rest of it went to in the week coming!
The next posting will be a simple Victoria sponge, which I love making, as it has a simplicity all of it's own, like great food through out the world.
Till next time,
P x


  1. All well and good to tell us how much you enjoyed it, Peter, but where's the recipe? Inga and I would be interested in this one!

  2. Hi les and Inga, here it is
    P XXX