Monday, 20 July 2009

The Cake Committee

Together with 13 other KEEN bakers, I started The Cake Committee and would dearly love people to join the face-book page ( I know! sad old git), well the most active member is Jinny and she is young and hip, she set up the FB page.
it is for us bakers and feeders to get our 'fix' and also collect money for good causes
1st meeting is
16th Aug, 09 2nd is 18th Oct, 09 and CHRISTMAS is 13th Dec, 09
all the the Pullens Community centre at Iliffe yard, Crampton St. London SE17 3BT


  1. Wow, sounds great and I am only round the corner. I might even bring you some Tupperware catalogues!

  2. Hi Any times??? and it is Monday not Sunday is it as a post on Chowhound said it was the Sunday.