Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Ying Yang Chicken

Hello every one,
Life has been lived in the fast lane as of late, hence lacking in posting.
Brian and I went to Hong Kong and Korea, visiting parents in HK and attending CEBIKO (Ceramics Bienalle Korea), where I had a piece of work on show.
This chicken is simply the most sensational thing I have eaten for a long time, and it is the signature dish of Ying Yang, a Private dining room.
The location is in Ship St. HK. in a lovely old turn of the century 3 story building where the first floor is the kitchen and dining rooms are on the ground and top floors. Sensible eh?
The chicken is roasted in a clay oven to perfection, then carved where the crispy skin can be enjoyed on it's own, SOOO yummy. the dipping sauce is a ginger called "sand ginger" it is grown at Ying Yang's own organic farm, simply crushed and steeped in olive oil
The taste is gingery, nutty, fragrant and crunchy, the perfect accompaniment to the chicken.
Do try it if you find yourself in HK, it is expensive though, and the rest of the menu, soup, stir fried green and dessert is good but not fantastic.
We did have a side order of "black gold", which is truffled eggs, Perfectly cooked with truffles from Yunnan, still not as sensational as the chicken.
Will update soon,
P x

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  1. This looks gorgeous!!!!The "sand ginger" sauce makes me so curious!!!!!!