Wednesday, 25 February 2009

These madelines are made to celebrate the launch and going live of our new website.
'our' refers to my partner Brian and I, and the website is 
why that name, well have a look and you will understand, and a huge thanks to our dear friend Erica van Horn for her delightful suggestion.

Friday, 20 February 2009

Having not baked for many years, I choose an unusual sounding cake to start off with. Chocolate and beetroot;separately they are on my  favorite food list. Together I thought wow, why didn't I think if it first!
it was for a afternoon tea gathering of friends and the cake went down well. I misread the quantities re chocolate required, and bought nearly 1 Kg of 72% Green and Black, where as upon closer inspection, I needed only 450 grams. Well you can all imagine where the rest of it went to in the week coming!
The next posting will be a simple Victoria sponge, which I love making, as it has a simplicity all of it's own, like great food through out the world.
Till next time,
P x

Sunday, 15 February 2009


For the past few months, I have this urge to bake.
Blame the cold weather in London (we had snow last week), the credit crunch, or simple greed, I am on my 2nd cake of the year. the 1st one was a chocolate and beetroot cake, deliciously moist, dark and chocolaty.
Whilst today's is a simple Victoria sponge with fresh raspberry,  simple recipe.
Just returned from Frankfurt Messe where the Ambienete fair is held. Most certainly felt the cooling in economic climate, fewer people, in the high end stalls, and very busy in the mid to lower price end. 
will post some links to companies that I liked.
P x
p.s. problem with home baking is that you not only lick the bowl and spactula, you eat that little slice extra as well, off to to do just that.

Thursday, 12 February 2009


I'm Peter Ting, and I have decided to drag myself into the modern world and create a blog to share some of the things that I love with the rest of the world.
A little about myself:-
I design products for a living, mainly ceramics and glass, and LOVE to cook, eat and talk about food and design
I live and work in London, UK.
I am 49 years old, live with my long term partner Brian who is an artist and curator.
Included in this modernisation project of 'Peter Ting', a web site is being created, well not just one, but 2!
the 1st one is called briing, do visiting it when it's up and running in a few weeks time.
The other site will simply be, where you can see and buy my work on line; now the setting up of that one might take a bit longer than a few weeks!
An information 1st posting, and hope the subsequent ones will give you a flavor of London, my thoughts and life of a near 50year old Luddite who is trying to catch up!
Bye for now 
P x