Monday, 17 August 2009

This is the US Food and Wine Article
The writer Jen Murphy has work very hard for over 18 months to enable this and I want to publicly thank her for her persistence and hard work.
We met in Ireland and she was very perceptive and clear of what we are about and what she wanted out of the article.
Enjoy reading it.

The Cake Committee Inaugural Event

It was a real dream come true moment for me yesterday.
A brief history. I was SO fed up with ceramics one day that I decided to buy a van with natasha Daintry and drive it round London selling cakes (might still happen!), and Brian my partner stepped in to say why don't you form a cake committee and get together friends to bake and sell cakes for charity.
The Cake Committee was formed with Natasha Daintry, Dave Clarke, Jinny Ngui and I as the founding members, and then others joined later. With Brian Kennedy as the Chair.
As you can see the cakes are wonderful and the opening bar was set VERY high.
The invited friends all gathered and had a wonderful time eating too much of course and throughly enjoying themselves in the mean time.
What really moved me was:-
the effort that every one put in re the baking
and the tremendous response from those who attended
A BIG thank you for those who baked and came to eat, and for those of you who missed it
the next one is on the 18th October, and the Christmas one is on the 13th December.
All at Pullens Yard, Elephant and Castle
and we have been written up in
already and very favorably too.
Will keep you all posted as we approach the next one
DO look at
to keep up to date.