Friday, 8 January 2010

Happy New Year

During this long absence, I have been to South Africa, saw the inaugural 1st ever out of London 'The Cake Committee' meeting. totally surreal, hot, sunny, shorts and floaty dresses (not together) and a Victorian guest house on the waterfront! What a mix
Go to and see it on facebook
Design in South Africa is great, Capt Town is full of interesting things, but for me, Gegor Jenkins ‘s work really stand out, though I find his website VERY annoying.
Christmas and New Year was full of food and lazy sofa time, well not all lazy, as I learned how to bake meringues, which was one thing that I never mastered.
Happy New Year every one, and just to remind you there will be another new year on Feb the 14th, Chinese New Year, and it’s the year of the Tiger.