Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Coffee and aeropress

I have always had a love hate relationship with coffee, and there are only a handful of memorable cups of coffee that I have ever had in my life, one of them is in Italy a long time ago, in Framleigh house's restaurant where the Italian owners of the restaurant there made me a superb cup of cappuccino.
Recently in Washington DC I had a glass of Gilbralta, MY MY lightbulb momnet, of course it helped a lot when there is also such wonderful gelato as blood orange, Valrahona Chocolate etc etc. at dolcezza just off Dupont Circus
Back home, Vic Frankowski of Tapped and packed made me a mean cup of Gibraltar too! phew, very strong, he also showed me how the aeropress worked and I am now the proud owner of such a device and am drinking a aeropress made coffee as I type.
Here are the steps