Monday, 26 April 2010

Coffee at Tapped and Packed

Was introduced to Tapped and Packed by my friend Lu, and have totally fallen in love with them.
Don't know about you, but I love and hate coffee at the same time.
LOVE the intoxicating smell of coffee and then hate the disappointment when I drink it, it's never as rich and deep as the smell
NOW how ever, there is Tapped and Packed, wonderful coffee shop and so many ways of tasting and making as you can see on the menu I have included (that was just one page of many!)
as a postscript I just came back from Washington DC and went to this wonderful coffee and gelato shop there called Dolcezza, run by Robb and his wife who had just had a little baby.
Drank a 'Gibraltar' half way between a macchiato and espresso, adn OH my, the smell and the taste just marry!! and the gelato I hear you ask? As good as teh coffee and better i think
I had 2 scoops, Blood Orange and Intense Valrhona chocolate perfect combination.

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